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Sustained Success Requires Support

If you have big goals, then you're going to need great people around you to help support your vision. It's one thing to have great friends, family and peer group, but you also need someone trained in mindset, focus and emotional fortitude to help you see in your blindspots and create a map for you moving forward.

The 2 Most Important Ingredients of Change are Desire & Willingness.

With those 2 components, ANYTHING is possible for you. If you have enough desire, you will be able withstand the hardship and challenges that come with creating new habits, letting go of the past and forging a new future for yourself.

If you are willing, there is no stone you'll leave unturned on your quest for success. And that's why coaching is paramount to your process of growth.

Nothing is going to stop you from achieving success. Coaches and the coaching process just help you do it faster and with less effort.

"We have got to keep the momentum going in order to achieve all of our objectives."
~Bill Vaughan

How Does it Work?

You've got big goals for yourself whether they're in your relationship, health or career, and most likely you've already started working towards those goals.


We would be lying if we said the path to your goals is going to be a straight line, or easy.

Whenever you have big goals, obstacles can be just as big and will require your A-Game.

This is why having a coach is so important.

We'll help you create a roadmap for your success and break things down into smaller weekly steps to make sure you're on target. As obstacles come up, we'll work through the blockages and adjust the plan as needed.

We'll use the latest tools in personal development to help identify what isn't working for you and what you want to be doing instead.

Most importantly we'll be working together to break those unhelpful or negative patterns of thinking and behaviour and creating new efficient, empowering and motivating strategies together.

Coaching Session Will Look Something Like This:


Meet every second week to review the previous session's goals, wins and areas of impovement.


Identify what was successful and what wasn't? Identify areas of improvement.


Make the mindset changes needed to tackle new goals.


Create a plan for the following 2 week period with detailed tasking and mindset goals.

Jeremy Hills

Meet Jeremy

I am passionate about helping you create the life you want. I don't take short cuts or teach quick fixes. I help you get to the bottom of what's in the way and help you shed the past so you can create your future.

I am all in if you are. I see your greatness, and am committed to helping you bring that out, and create what you want.

I have been trained in the most advanced self development tools on the planet, and am an Internationally Certified Trainers of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching.

Keep the Momentum Going With Ongoing Coaching Sessions


Hear From Past Clients:

“Working with Jeremy both for ongoing coaching and a Personal Breakthrough Session has been an invaluable experience. His thorough nature, and commitment to getting to the bottom of the issue has made all the difference. Today, after having worked with him, I feel lighter, more focused, more at peace, and 100% at cause in my life. His kindness and intuitive nature coupled with his true belief in me as a client has given me the opportunity to look inside myself and see all the things he saw even before we ever sat down together. He is a rare and kind soul.”

Thanks Jeremy for helping me find the things that I needed inside myself to get over there hurdles in my life. What seemed like mountains yesterday seem like mole hills today. You’re the best.”

- Kay, Perth WA

"Alana’s skills and professionalism were immediately apparent to me. What impressed me even more was her intuition in identifying what was significant to me and then her easy manner of converting techniques into meaningful immediate results. I warmly recommend Alana."

- Barry, Perth WA

Jeremy, your heart and expertise is worth your weight in gold! I truly hope that people give you the opportunity to help bring change to their lives like you did for me. I don't know how to repay you, because I don't feel there’s enough money on this planet for it, but let me start by giving a minuscule token of my gratitude by saying, Thank you!

-Sasanga, Perth WA

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6 months of on-going coaching
Delivered every second week, which includes:

  • 13 x 1 hour coaching sessions every second week
  • Weekly tasking
  • Weekly accountability
  • On-going email support
  • 1 hour/month additional phone support if neededr

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