Go even deeper and unlock your deepest power, direction and resources to create exactly what you want faster and with less effort.

For the month of Janaury we'll be donating 5% of our sales to The Australian Red Cross to help those affected by the bushfires

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  •  Learn why people do what they do so you can lead effectively, as well as motivate yourself for continuous growth.  
  • Learn the tools and techniques that all the top communicators & leaders of today use to inspire and influence people (plus what they don’t use but should)  
  • Experience an 8 hour individual coaching session during the training! 


If you thought Level 1 was powerful, wait until you attend Level 2!

This training is all about how we create reality and everything in our lives. Use this understanding to completely transform the way you look at yourself, the world around you and what's possible. 

We pull back the curtain on all the tools you learned at the level 1 course, and add even more incredible insight, techniques and exercises for you to delve deep into your own personality, patterns, preferences and values to gain understanding about how you create your experience. 

Get ready to shake up your model of the world, leaving more room for possibility, wonder, and even more epic results.

" For the first time in my life now I’m feeling absolutely free and in control. I’m no doubt a more confident, clear in my communication, patient, inspiring, and a more efficient boss. I’m now a more loving parent, and wiser wife and mum. I’ve finally got my other 2 business projects that have been sitting on a shelf for 2 years moving and I’m excited for the future! " ~Irina Ledneva 

LEVEL 2 TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING COURSE March 14 - 29, 2020 *contact us below to book in

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