1-on-1 Coaching for Personal Growth

Breakthrough Your Limitations & Reach Your Next Level

Gain Clarity & Confidence to Achieve
Your Desires

Let Go of What's Not Working and Create The Life You Want.

1-on-1 Breakthrough Coaching Program

Have you had a nagging problem running in the background of life for some time now? Have you noticed subtle sabotage to your goals? Do you know there is more for you and your life but you don't know where to start?

It's time for a Personal Breakthrough Coaching session. This is an intensive 1-on-1 Coaching Program that is really an overhaul of one area of your life. Uncover what's been in the way, let go of past negative emotions, hurt and pain, change self-limiting beliefs, let go of internal conflicts and create a new map for your future that you'll be able to attain!

This coaching program includes pre-coaching frames and tasks, the coaching sessions themselves, future pacing and momentum post - session tasking, and follow up.


Ongoing Momentum Coaching

Do you have big goals and need some extra accountability? Do you need someone in your corner to keep you on track? Did you complete our Personal Breakthrough Program and want some more time and attention to integrate your new learnings?

Momentum Coaching is designed to give you everything you need to achieve success week in and week out. When you create a new goal and new map for your future, this new landscape can be unfamiliar and difficult to navigate. Weekly coaching sessions and tasking will keep you on track and going from strength to strength.


Instead of settling for what you’ve had in the past, create the future you want by learning to create the thinking and emotions to support your goals.

Meet Your Coaches

Inner Results NLP and Hypnosis Training Perth Alana and Jeremy

Jeremy & Alana

We are passionate about helping you create the life you want. We don't take short cuts or teach quick fixes. We help you get to the bottom of what's in the way and help you shed the past so you can create your future. We have been training for the past 6 years together.

We're all in if you are. We see your greatness, and are committed to helping you bring that out, and create what you want.

We have been trained in the most advanced self development tools on the planet, and are Internationally Certified Trainers of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching.

Get the confidence and clarity you need to be at your best.

"Alana, with her professional but ‘down to earth’ approach to coaching and her profound knowledge of NLP and Time Line Therapy® helped me overcome my issues with money and further gave me the confidence to market my creations. "

-Sally, Perth WA

"Letting go of these negative emotions has literally changed by life, my way of thinking and feeling...the strength and power that I now have within myself is mind blowing and could not have done it without Jeremy Hills!"

-Lisa, Perth WA