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You Are The Key to Your Business

As the leader, you decide the pace, direction and focus of your entire business. Therefore if you're not 100% aligned then your business suffers, or at the very least doesn't live up to its potential.

Leaders know that the most important indicator of effective leadership is the ability to lead yourself. This is why it's absolutely paramount to continuously be growing and crafting your mindset and focus to perform at an optimal level.

Sustained Success Requires Support

If you have big goals, then you're going to need great people around you to help support your vision. It's one thing to have great friends, family and peer group, but you also need someone trained in peak mindset strategies, focus and emotional fortitude to help you see in your blind spots and create a map for you moving forward.

How Does it Work?

1 on 1 Results Coaching is designed to help you gain clarity around your goals for your organisation, identify areas of growth and crate an actionable plan. Ultimately working with a coach is about achieving your goals faster and with less effort.

During your 1 on 1 sessions you'll create a specific road map for where you want to take your business and what has been preventing you from doing so. During your coaching sessions you'll discover and remove the internal blocks that have been in the way, identify ineffective patterns of thinking and behaviour and create new patterns for success.

You are already getting great results in business. Ongoing coaching will help you to skyrocket your progress by drilling down into to specific areas that need attention and creating an action plan for success.

This process will allow you to delve deep into understanding what makes you tick, where your areas of improvement are and gain proven strategies to level up quickly and with less effort.

It's all about success, growth and pushing the limits of what is possible.

How Are Our Session Set up?

First Things First:
We will start our coaching together with a big picutre discussion about where you are and where you want to be in business. What are your over all goals for yourself and your business as a whole. Because our coahing will also

  • Review of previous session's targets.
  • Analysis of what was successful and what wasn't and what the specific contributing factors were.
  • Create the necessary tweaks and adjustments to create success. Here, you will learn new tools and strategies for your desired results.
  • Create a specific and measurable plan for the weeks ahead including tasks, mindset shifts, & goals.

Keep Growing and Achieve More

With Ongoing Coaching Sessions

Jeremy Hills

Jeremy Hills

Jeremy has been coaching and training individuals and groups in peak performance strategies and emotional intelligence for over a decade. With his expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching, Performance Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy, he excels at getting down to the real problem for his clients quickly so they can create new more effective strategies for change easily and effectively. This includes looking at a business as a whole, with particular focus on it's people.

Hear From Past Clients:

“Working with Jeremy both for ongoing coaching and a Personal Breakthrough Session has been an invaluable experience. His thorough nature, and commitment to getting to the bottom of the issue has made all the difference. Today, after having worked with him, I feel lighter, more focused, more at peace, and 100% at cause in my life. His kindness and intuitive nature coupled with his true belief in me as a client has given me the opportunity to look inside myself and see all the things he saw even before we ever sat down together. He is a rare and kind soul.”

Thanks Jeremy for helping me find the things that I needed inside myself to get over there hurdles in my life. What seemed like mountains yesterday seem like mole hills today. You’re the best.”

- Kay, Perth WA

"Alana’s skills and professionalism were immediately apparent to me. What impressed me even more was her intuition in identifying what was significant to me and then her easy manner of converting techniques into meaningful immediate results. I warmly recommend Alana."

- Barry, Perth WA

Jeremy, your heart and expertise is worth your weight in gold! I truly hope that people give you the opportunity to help bring change to their lives like you did for me. I don't know how to repay you, because I don't feel there’s enough money on this planet for it, but let me start by giving a minuscule token of my gratitude by saying, Thank you!

-Sasanga, Perth WA

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