Start your journey inwards

  • Learn what's driving you
  • Discover your internal blocks
  • Understand how your mind works
  • Deepen your connection to yourself
  • Create lasting changes by working with your mind & emotions
  • Build your intuition and connection to self

1 Day Self Hypnosis.

What is hypnosis all about anyway? Learn how the mind works and why Hypnosis is so effective in creating lasting changes to habits, beliefs & emotions. Learn how to hypnotise yourself and reach deep states of hypnosis to unlock the power your mind & make desired changes in your life.


1 Day Personal Development.

Learn how your mind works so you can choose positive emotions easily and focus on what you want to create the results you want. Also, learn how to connect to your heart to build intuition and gain cutting-edge decision making skills.

Come on a journey with us:

Identify blocks

Through pre-course tasking and discussions in our trainings, you'll discover old programs, beliefs, conditioning and emotions from the past that are affecting you in the present.

2. Break through

Work through internal blocks with partner work. You'll practice as both coach and client to build your skills and confidence.

3. Change course

Once you've cleared out your old patterns and conditioning, its time for the fun part - creating your future and making a new plan of action to create the life you're excited about!

4. Take action

Now its time to take everything you've learned at the course and implement it into the real world. You'll get lifetime support from us on your journey.

Reach your highest potential

  • Get crystal clear on what you want
  • Get honest about what's been holding you back
  • Break through old conditioning
  • Create internal certainty
  • Build internal tools to thrive in an ever-changing world and economic climate  

3 Day Hypnosis

Hypnosis is the basis of all inner work. In this course you'll learn how to use this powerful state to make lasting changes to behaviours, habits and beliefs. Get internationally certified to start working with clients in smoking cessation, weight loss, performance enhancement, pain control and eliminating bad habits. .

Inner Results 3 Day Hypnosis Class
Inner Results 6 week online coaching course

6 Week Online

Get on-going support, insight and tools to create a breakthrough in one area of life over this 6 week program. Delivered via Zoom, each week you'll learn key personal development tools to support your goal and get tasking specifically designed to help you achieve it.

Level 1

Get the foundational keys to create clarity & remove internal blocks. Focussed on theory and comprehensive practice sessions, this course is for you if you want to transform your life and learn the tools to help yourself or others in the future to do the same. You'll also receive internationally recognised certifications in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching

Inner Results Level 1 Coaching Course

Level 2 Coaching Course.

Deepen your knowledge, get a wider understanding & build unshakable certainty. This is the ultimate course in transformation, where you'll build on what you learned in Level 1 Coaching Course to round out your coaching tool box. The highlight of this training is the 8 hour Personal Breakthrough Session you'll learn to facilitate as a coach and experience as a client. Including internationally recognised certifications in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching


Reach your potential

Live your purpose

Transform you life


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