Live Online Trainings

Learn coaching and leadership skills for personal and professional growth.

What Are Certification Trainings About?

Our courses are all geared towards personal change and transformation. Certification trainings are also about mastering the tools of coaching, rather than just experiencing them. This way, you will leave with tools to coach yourself through the ups and downs in life and business, but also have the techniques to help others. This could be staff, family, friends, or paying clients.

How Our Trainings Are Delivered

Our certification courses are delivered live online with your presenter and coaching assistants available to ask questions and have discussions. We tailor each course specifically for the participants to ensure that each participant gets their outcome for the training.

There are 2 components of the training:

1. At-home study, consisting of materials to get you ready for the live training

2. The live training where you'll learn and experience the tools for yourself

Who Are These Trainings For?

This training is for anyone wanting to understand and work with the mind. Mindset is the starting point of everything in life, and has a profound effect on everything from self image, productivity, goal achievement, health, and much more. Understanding how the mind works and how you can actually change your thinking and outdated patterns is absolutely paramount.

This course is truly a transformational experience, where students leave feeling inspired, confident and motivated about their future and goals. On top of that, participants let go of past outdated 'software' in their system that isn't working like it used to, and replace it with the newest, most effective programs to support their goals and life as a whole

Level 1

Get the keys to create clarity & remove internal blocks. Focussed on theory and comprehensive practice sessions, this course is for you if you want to transform your life and learn the tools to help yourself or others in the future to do the same. You'll also receive internationally recognised certifications in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching


Level 2 Coaching Course.

Deepen your knowledge, get a wider understanding & build unshakable certainty. This is the ultimate course in transformation, where you'll build on what you learned in Level 1 Coaching Course to round out your coaching tool box. The highlight of this training is the 8 hour Personal Breakthrough Session you'll learn to facilitate as a coach and experience as a client. Including internationally recognised certifications in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching



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