We're about helping you gain the internal congruency, certainty and flexibility of thinking to actualise your goals - all while actually enjoying the ride!

This means getting to the real core of your successes, your failures, your limitations and your best attributes. There are literally millions of strategies out there that you can follow to get the perfect body, make more money, have the perfect relationship, bake the best cake . . . and so on. So why isn't everyone performing at the top of their game? Why isn't everyone fulfilled and happy?

In our best efforts to lead happy, successful lives, many of us end up following the pack and trying to mimic what others are doing to get success while misunderstanding what it actually takes to create consistent, never ending growth.  

The key is you. Are you flexible enough in your mindset, emotional intelligence and methods to create winning outcomes even when the environment isn't ideal?  

Jeremy Hills, Inner Results

Jeremy Hills: Lead Trainer + Coach

Jeremy is passionate about assisting his students and clients in achieving outstanding results by learning to harness the power of their thinking. His straightforward approach allows everyone he works with to finally get the to bottom of what’s in the way of them achieving their next level of greatness in business, relationships or health. Jeremy is an internationally certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching.

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Alana Diebel: Student Support

Alana has over 10 years experience in Personal Development, originally attending courses in Toronto, Canada. Her passion is helping others break down and eliminate limitations in their thinking so they can live extraordinary lives. She loves answering questions and applying concepts of NLP and Personal Development to all aspects of life including business, relationships and health. You’ll find her at the back of the room at trainings, and mingling with students throughout exercises and practise sessions. 

Alana Diebel Inner Results


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