An Immersive 1 on 1 Coaching Program to Gain Clarity & Confidence to Achieve Lasting Results

Change your thinking
& change everything!

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Want to stop going around in circles and start achieving with ease?

Are you someone who has big goals and dreams but is letting negative thinking and experiences get in the way of your progress?

Have your results been inconsistent lately?

Are you doubting yourself and your abilities?

Are you hesitating to make decisions or take action on your goals?

Do you fear failure or even fear your own success?

Are you letting the environment and circumstances affect your productivity?

What is this costing you?

What’s the cost of hesitation?

How much money have you wasted looking for quick solutions?

What is the opportunity cost of going back and forth?

How much energy have you wasted that you could be spending on other things?

How much more time can you really spend going around in circles?

What's the solution?

Self doubt from time to time is normal.

This means that you’re actually pushing your boundaries and making progress.


When you start to plateau or your results become inconsistent, there is more at play. 

This is a sign that your mindset, focus and thinking is affecting your ability to act. 

What you need to do is change those unconscious patterns and beliefs in order to create the success you want in life. 

Everything starts with thinking. 

Even the best success strategies in the world are wasted if you don't have the mental focus and thinking to execute them.

How does it work?

Like Tiger Woods famously said, you can’t see your own swing. 

When you’re looking at potential areas of improvement it's nearly impossible to find the true culprits because you’re looking at things from within your own thinking. 

No matter how critical and self aware you are, we will always have blind spots to ourselves.

And arguably these are the ones having the greatest effect on the results you are getting (or not getting)

That’s why you need a coach.

And you need the Breakthrough Process to help. 

The Breakthrough Process is an intensive coaching program where we hone in on one specific issue or problem you’re having.  

A breakthrough is all about the structure of the problem. That is how you actually do it. 

What you’re thinking, what triggers that thinking, what you’re saying to yourself, what emotions you’re consistently feeling, what beliefs you have, what patterns of behaviour and thoughts are involved.

Breaking any problem down into the structure allows us to see the wider framework and see what is and isn’t working from a practical standpoint, thus making it easy to change. 

Instead of learning why a puzzle was built in the first place, we focus on which pieces don’t fit in the overall desired picture and replace them with ones that do. 

We help you to discover the underlying patterns of behaviour, limited beliefs and thought patterns that have contributed to this problem and then replace them with empowering, supportive thinking, emotions and strategies to create your new goals and ensure that they come to fruition.

Coaching is about crafting the mindset and emotions needed to create your goals. You no longer have to play our your old stories, past pain, failures or doubts.

Once the coaching process is done, you'll be left with confidence, clarity and actionable steps to achieve your goals

The Proven 4 Step Process:


Setting the Foundation:

This is where we discuss what you would like to work on and what goals you have. Here you'll be given tasks to help illuminate the problem and clarify what you want to get out of the coaching process.


The Discovery Session:

This is where we get the details about how the problem was created, what its costing you, how its affecting your goals, and what you want instead.

This is where you talk about what’s going on, and unlike a counselling or therapy session, we don’t focus here for long. We are only looking for the structure of the problem, how it's impeding your goals and what to do instead, not on why things happened or the story of your life.

When you focus on why, you get more of a story and no solutions. When you focus on how (structure), you can more easily change the structure of things and create what you want.   


The Transformation:

This is where we do the change work. Using a variety of Peak Performance and Personal Development tools, we help guide you to let go of old limiting beliefs, thought patterns, emotions and strategies that may have worked in the past, just aren’t working anymore.

This is an intensive, informative and fun experience for clients as they are often surprised at how quickly they can let go of things even if they have been carrying them around for years. 

Here you’ll map out a new plan for success and we’ll create a new structure of thinking and behaviours to ensure your goals are met. Importantly, you create a powerful set of emotions and vision for yourself to propel you forward to your goals. 

“Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant.” 

Ultimately you’ll leave feeling energised, focussed, and motivated.


Creating Momentum:

Together we’ll create specific steps to take in order to create success with your goals and your life as a whole. We will have follow up meetings to discuss your progress and ensure you’re on track. You’ll receive support as you take the first steps in achieving your goals. 

Instead of settling for what you’ve had in the past, create the future you want by learning to create the thinking and emotions to support your goals.

What's the biggest takeaway?

  • You will create the clarity and mindset needed to achieve any goal. 
  • You’ll have the confidence and mental toughness to face challenges head on rather than shying away or letting the environment dictate your choices
  • You’ll learn the key foundational tools to an unshakable mindset that will have far reaching effects in all areas of life.
  • Never again will you feel victim to circumstance or the environment. 

So if you’re a person with big goals, or just need some clarity in life,

it’s time for a breakthrough. 


Meet Jeremy

I am passionate about helping you create the life you want. I don't take short cuts or teach quick fixes. I help you get to the bottom of what's in the way and help you shed the past so you can create your future.

I am all in if you are. I see your greatness, and am committed to helping you bring that out, and create what you want.

I have been trained in the most advanced self development tools on the planet, and am an Internationally Certified Trainers of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching.

Hear From Past Clients:

“Working with Jeremy both for ongoing coaching and a Personal Breakthrough Session has been an invaluable experience. His thorough nature, and commitment to getting to the bottom of the issue has made all the difference. Today, after having worked with him, I feel lighter, more focused, more at peace, and 100% at cause in my life. His kindness and intuitive nature coupled with his true belief in me as a client has given me the opportunity to look inside myself and see all the things he saw even before we ever sat down together. He is a rare and kind soul.”

Thanks Jeremy for helping me find the things that I needed inside myself to get over there hurdles in my life. What seemed like mountains yesterday seem like mole hills today. You’re the best.”

- Kay, Perth WA

"Alana’s skills and professionalism were immediately apparent to me. What impressed me even more was her intuition in identifying what was significant to me and then her easy manner of converting techniques into meaningful immediate results. I warmly recommend Alana."

- Barry, Perth WA

Jeremy, your heart and expertise is worth your weight in gold! I truly hope that people give you the opportunity to help bring change to their lives like you did for me. I don't know how to repay you, because I don't feel there’s enough money on this planet for it, but let me start by giving a minuscule token of my gratitude by saying, Thank you!

-Sasanga, Perth WA

Get the Confidence and Clarity You Need to be at Your Best.

"Alana, with her professional but ‘down to earth’ approach to coaching and her profound knowledge of NLP and Time Line Therapy® helped me overcome my issues with money and further gave me the confidence to market my creations. "

-Sally, Perth WA

"Letting go of these negative emotions has literally changed by life, my way of thinking and feeling...the strength and power that I now have within myself is mind blowing and could not have done it without Jeremy Hills!"

-Lisa, Perth WA

Breakthrough Coaching Program:

8 to 10 hour coaching program delivered over 1 to 3 sessions, plus:

  • 7 days of pre tasking
  • 8 - 10 hours or live coaching
  • On-going weekly tasking
  • Weekly accountability
  • On-going email support
  • 6 weeks of follow up after your sessions

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