Introduction to Hypnotherapy Online - Free!

& how it can help you create lasting changes in life.

Wednesday 6 July, 2022

9:30pm Auckland Time

7:30 pm Sydney Time

5:30pm Perth Time


Jeremy Hills | Trainer of Hypnotherapy

Experience the powerful state of hypnosis & learn how to let go of habits, change beliefs and create more of what you want.

Free Online Introduction
Wednesday 6 July - 7:30pm Sydney Time


What You'll Learn

  • How hypnosis works: What is going on in the mind of they client to create a deep state of hypnosis 
  • Who can be hypnotised: What criteria need to be present to create the state of hypnosis
  • How does the state of hypnosis feel?: Experience the state of hypnosis during this master class and have a chance to ask questions
  • How hypnotherapy can be used to help self and others create lasting change: We'll discuss the applications of hypnotherapy
  • How can you use hypnosis with other tools you already have?: Many of our students learn hypnosis to complement other modalities they already have. We'll discuss how hypnosis can work with other tools.

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