Using Hypnotherapy to Create Deep Lasting Change

Learn how to use hypnosis to help others and yourself overcome life's biggest obstacles.

Monday 18 July, 2022

9:30pm Auckland Time

7:30 pm Sydney Time

5:30pm Perth Time


Jeremy Hills | Trainer of Hypnotherapy

Learn how hypnosis can be used to let go of habits, change beliefs, create a positive mindset, relax & improve skills in life!

If you have a calling to help others, this is for you! Hypnotherapy is one of the most widely used tools to help people. Find out why with us July 18th!

Free Online Introduction
Monday 18 July - 7:30pm Sydney Time


PLUS: Receive a FREE 1-on-1 sample
hypnosis session with one of our trainers after the Masterclass.

*Must attend the LIVE Masterclass to be eligible.

What You'll Learn

  • How hypnosis works: What is going on in the mind of they client to create a deep state of hypnosis 
  • Who can be hypnotised: What criteria need to be present to create the state of hypnosis
  • How does the state of hypnosis feel?: Experience the state of hypnosis during this master class and have a chance to ask questions
  • How hypnotherapy can be used to help self and others create lasting change: We'll discuss the applications of hypnotherapy
  • How can you use hypnosis with other tools you already have?: Many of our students learn hypnosis to complement other modalities they already have. We'll discuss how hypnosis can work with other tools.

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