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Coaching tools to create lasting changes for yourself and others.

Tuesday 17 May - 7:30 PM Sydney Time


Alana Diebel & Jeremy Hills
Coaching Trainers

Learn what coaching is all about & how you can use some of the world's most effective tools to heal past traumas, change beliefs
& create a compelling future for yourself
and others!

Free Online Introduction
Tuesday 17 May - 7:30 PM Sydney Time


What You'll Learn

  • How your mind works: Learn how you create your reality unique to you and only you.
  • How we all take on patterns of behaviours and personal beliefs: And how to change things that are no longer working
  • What is NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and Coaching and why are they so effective in creating lasting change
  • Hear a little bit of our story and what inspired us to help people create lasting changes in their lives
  • How Coaching fits in with other skills you already have: Many of our students learn coaching tools to complement other modalities they already have. We'll discuss how our tools can work with other modalities.

About Inner Results:

We have been coaching & running NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching Certification Trainings for over 13 years.

We currently offer our 3 Day Hypnotherapy Certification Training, Level 1 Coaching or and Level 2 Coaching course online and available world-wide. We cater our trainings for those who wish to work full online or face to face as coaches or who wish to add a new skill and income stream to their exisiting business.

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