Introduction to Hypnosis

Experience Hypnosis, Learn How it all Works & Get All Your Questions Answered

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Jun 2, 2024

Crawley WA

Inner Results 6 week online coaching course

Want to Learn How to Stop Unwanted Behaviours & Thinking Quickly and Easily?

  • Do you have unwanted behaviours like procrastinating, overeating, or mindless social media scrolling?
  • Do you hear a Negative Nelly in your head?
  • Do you have negative or limiting self beliefs?
  • Do you hesitate on important decisions and opportunities?
  • Do you want to improve your mindset?
  • Do you what to help others?
  • Do you want to add a marketable skill to your current client offering?

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a form of directed relaxation whereby you gain access to your mind, where behavioural patterns and belief patterns reside. This allows you to create lasting changes effectively and quickly.

Hypnosis is a way to communicate with your own mind, or to help other people to communicate with their minds. It's a way to access patterns of behaviours and thinking that you wish to change and improve.

Contrary to popular belief, the state of hypnosis is simply a slower level of brainwave activity that we all go into several times each day. The feeling is akin to a relaxed state.

Formal hypnotic inductions include creating a relaxing story, visualisation or progressive relaxation process for one to follow in order to reach that relaxed state of being. The hypnotist isn't responsible for the subject reaching the relaxed state. Since every individual is in control of your own mind, the subject is always choosing to enter the state of hypnosis by their own free will. This is why Self Hypnosis is also so easy and effective.

All hypnosis is actually self hypnosis.

The power of the hypnotic state comes when you learn how to create it at will, or to help others get over the hurdle of the normal waking state into a relaxed, open, hypnotic state, solely to create changes to behaviours, thinking and beliefs.

The Most Common Uses for Hypnosis Include:

  • Creating more relaxation and calm
  • Letting go of habits such as smoking or nail biting
  • Creating more motivation, focus, clarity or other positive emotions
  • Increasing performance or skill level of something like golf or tennis
  • Getting a better nights sleep

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Live in Person in Crawley WA
Sunday 2 June 2024, 10am - 4pm


What You'll Learn LIVE:

How Your Mind Works:

The science of behavioural patterns and thinking, so you understand how your mind works and how negative thought patterns and unwanted behaviours got there in the first place.

Using The Science of Hypnosis to Make Lasting Changes:

Hypnotherapy has been used for thousands of years to gently open up the mind and access where behaviours and thinking are held. Using this precise method, you'll get to experience the relaxing and powerful feeling of hypnosis all while making meaningful changes to your life.

How Hypnosis Can be used to Help Self and Others

Learn the applications of hypnosis for self and others and how you can incorporate it into other modalities you already offer like Coaching, Massage, Yoga, Personal Training, and others. Get to experience the state of hypnosis in the event and practice it with other students to gain a deeper understand of how it works.

Hypnosis Demystified

We'll explain exactly how and why it works, and dispel the common myths about hypnosis. You'll also get a chance to ask any questions you might have about hypnosis.

Learn More With us in 1 Day Than You Will With Countless Hours of 'Free Content'

I know...It's tempting.

Just look it up on Youtube. Follow a tutorial. Get the result right?

Right?! We both know that that's not how it goes.

Relying on do it yourself tips and tricks just don't work.

Sure the information is there, but there is too much room for error!

That's why we construct all of our trainings to include theory and practice so you can experience everything for yourself. Come learn what hypnosis actually is, how it works and gain a deeper understanding of this relaxing and powerful state by practicing it with us and the group.

If you're wanting to learn how hypnosis works jus for yourself, we'll show you how to create and utilise the hypnotic state and create hypnotic suggestions for change to overhaul what isn't working for you.

If you're wanting to learn hypnosis to work with others, we'll show you how hypnosis can be facilitated with others to help them achieve changes to behaviours, mindset and future goals.


We'll Teach You How You Can Make Lasting Changes for Yourself & Others
Easily & Quickly

Don't come and just learn the theory of hypnosis is.

Actually do hypnosis with us.

Learn how it works through experiencing the state of hypnosis and learning how it all works...

And connect the dots in the course, leaving no doubt in your mind that it works, and how it works.

Leave with an undeniable understanding of the mind-body connection, how undesired patterns of behaviour and thoughts wreak havoc on our lives...

And how to change things for yourself and others.

BUT, this isn't magic...

It's a science, a methodology, and an art...

And it requires curiosity, flexibility of thinking and, most of all, commitment in order to be effective.

So if you're looking for the next quick fix, this isn't it.

(and they don't really exist by the way)

This is an amazingly simple and effective set of powerful tools that have been used for centuries all over the planet to create real, lasting changes...

So if you're ready to learn how hypnosis can work for your and for others, we are here to share our knowledge with you!

Not in weeks. Not in months.

In one day.

No fluff, just what you need.

Meet Jeremy & Alana

We are passionate about helping you create the best life possible! We don't take short cuts or teach quick fixes. We help you get to the bottom of what's in the way and help you shed the past so you can create your unstoppable future. We have been training for the past 8 years together and have created a unique, fun and dynamic training system where you get the best information, lots of time to practice and ample opportunities to ask questions.

We're all in if you are. We see your greatness, and are committed to helping you bring that out, and create the life that you want.

We have been trained in the most advanced self development tools on the planet, and are Internationally Certified Trainers of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching.

Inner Results NLP and Hypnosis Training Perth Alana and Jeremy

What Our Students Are Saying:

What You're Getting for $49:

Live 1 Day Training

This is where the magic happens. We'll give you all the background info, walk you through how it works, and give you a free mini hypnosis session so you can experience it

($495 Value)

Course Manual

This really is too good to be true! Packed with some of our most valuable content, this is a reference and step by step guide for you to use in and outside the class to easily replicate the results.

($395 Value)

Hypnotic Scripts

Get specific scripts for:
Confidence & Motivation
Plus, learn how to adapt scripts for your specific needs.

($195 Value)

PLUS Get These FREE Bonuses:


Hypnosis Audios and Pdfs

  • Positive Changes for the Future
  • Motivation
  • Confidence & Creativity
  • Relaxation

Use these recordings to get the outlined results for yourself or use them as a framework for creating your own powerful and effective hypnotic suggestions to create desired changes in your life.

VALUE: $200


Guided Heart Meditation + Lesson

Your heart is extremely powerful and extensive studies have been done on how the heart is related to living well, success and intuition and decision making. Learn how simply connecting to your heart can create measurable results in all areas of your life, and get guided through a meditation practice on how to do this.

VALUE: $100


Hypnosis Demystified Ebook

Learn what hypnosis is and how it works in this concise, informative ebook to deepen your knowledge on the subject of hypnosis and unconscious change work

VALUE: $19


Can I be hypnotised?

Yes. Hypnosis is a natural state that we all enter into many times a day. Going into a hypnotic state only requires you to follow simple instructions and follow along step by step.

Even if you have a short attention span, or have trouble concentrating, you will find hypnosis easy if you are committed to following along with a sense of curiosity.

It's not a competition, so just come with a sense of curiosity and you will get the best result.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes. Hypnosis is safe and you will be aware of everything that is going on the entire time. The hypnotic subject is always in control, and merely chooses to follow along for the purposes of making positive changes to behaviours.

If at any time the subject decides that they no longer wish to be in this state, they simply choose not to.

Will I cluck like a chicken?

No. You will never do anything in hypnosis that isn't okay with you.

We only teach hypnosis for therapeutic purposes, where students are simply invited to follow along with simple instructions to create visualisations in the mind. These visualisations allow the subject to open up the gate to the unconscious mind in order to make wanted changes in life.

Hypnotic stage shows and videos on You Tube where subjects do funny and strange things are missing a great deal of context which makes them seem magical and scary, when in fact, the subject in hypnosis is ALWAYS in control.

How is the live class structured?

This is a dynamic, hands on training. We will teach the theory first and then give you plenty of time to work in groups and partners to give you maximum exposure and practice to the tools.

Can I use hypnosis with other modalities I already use?

Yes. Many of our students go on to attend our Hypnotherapy Certification Training and incorporate hypnosis into what they already offer in their client sessions. Some of the common modalities include: Reiki, Massage, Life Coaching, Energy Healing, Personal Training, Yoga, Counselling, and others.

"Enjoyable, insightful, relaxing and life changing! Well presented and easy to develop new skills with instruction and guidance. "

Karen French, UK

"This course has been an eye-opener for me. I have dealt with things that have been holding me back for years!"

James Annetts, Perth

"Great class! Fascinating and relevant content & Jeremy and Alana were such a pleasure to spent time with."

Mariel Fernandez

Introduction to Hypnosis
Live in Person in Crawley WA

2 June, 2024
10am - 4pm